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Construction & Durables - Aurora Bulgaria

Construction & Durables

Aurora Bulgaria promotes the comprehensive product facette for polyolefin pipe industry in the Bulgarian market. The applications cover water and gas distribution, waste and sewage disposal, chemical and industrial projects, in-house plumbing and heating.

ELTEX® HDPE and ELTEX® Superstress® deliver innovative value creating polyolefin solutions for water distribution systems. In Bulgaria, where water supply systems are completely out-dated and where ageing pipe systems show leak rates more than 60 %, polyethylene pipes are your solution to prevent leaks and to reduce the wasting of resources. We meet all needs of every Bulgarian customer with the outstanding properties of new materials - low sagging and stress cracking resistance.

Read more about PE100+ Association - in which Ineos Olefins & Polymers Europe is a founding member.

Aurora Bulgaria promotes the sale of selected polyolefin compounds for the production of telecom and power cables for insulation and jacketing.

For more information please visit Ineos Olefins & Polymers Europe website.

Aurora Bulgaria is responsible for marketing, sales and service portfolio of products sourced from four of Ineos O & P Europe's manufacturing locations - Lillo and Geel (Belgium), Sarrable (France) and Cologne (Germany) to the Bulgarian customers.