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Textile & Fibres - Aurora Bulgaria

Textile & Fibres

INEOS O&P Europe is a leading supplier of advanced polyolefin plastics for:

  • Monofilaments market - a wide range of applications as knitted fabrics, high quality ropes, fishing nets, protective nets for construction and agriculture, etc.;
  • Artificial grass market - a complete range of HDPE, metallocene and standard LLDPE, and PP homo- and co-polymer;
  • Tapes - knitted and woven fabrics, fruit and vegetable bags, bale nets and wraps, carpet backing, woven bags, geotextiles, etc.;
  • Multifilaments - HDPE range with high fluidity intended for bi-component fibres and special applications. PP range for BCF, CF and staple fibres. Tailor made products for specific applications;
  • Spunbond - all resins are suitable for high speed production lines for applications in hygiene and industrial sector.