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Advanced packaging - Aurora Bulgaria


Aurora Bulgaria promotes the sale of Eltex® P Polypropylene, Eltex® PF unique metallocene copolymers, EBA (n-Butylacrylate) and MAA (Methacrylic acid) copolymers that have set new standards in film and fibres.

Aurora Bulgaria respects the life-style of each customer. The packaging industry become more and more demanding from mono-layer to multi-layer films, from food and drink standard packaging to outstanding property combination for preservation through retention of natural odour and taste.

The advanced packaging is extremely customer-oriented thus that it has unique properties:

  • Aesthetics and organoleptics;
  • Easy and faster production;
  • Energy- and weight-reducing.

For more information please visit Ineos Olefins & Polymers website.

Aurora Bulgaria is responsible for marketing, sales and service portfolio of film and fibres products sourced from eight of Ineos O&P Europe's manufacturing locations - Lillo and Geel (Belgium), Cologne (Germany), Grangemouth (UK), Rosignano (Italy), Lavera and Sarrable (France), and Bamble (Norway) to the Bulgarian customers.