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Innovation - Aurora Bulgaria

Value Creation

Substantial part of polyolefin's capacity of Ineos olefins&Polymers is used as a technology platform focused on investing in long-term research & development projects. The innovation center in Brussels (Belgium) delivers competencies.

Strong in Europe, Ineos Olefins & Polymers is to a great extent innovative. Proprietary Innovene™ S slurry and Innovene™ G gas phase dual platform for PE and Innovene™ technology for PP enabled Ineos to differentiate products.

Cost leading Innovene™ S slurry process combines circulation, heat exchange and reaction volume all in one loop reactor with tailored catalyst systems Ziegler & Chromium. The Innovene™ G gas phase process by the unique catalyst system, advanced clean loop design and enhanced degassing prove cost efficient and versatile operations. Ineos offers best in class Eltex™ PF metallocene and hexene (LLC6) copolymers.


  • ultimate combination of optics, mechanical properties and processability;
  • broad range of product applications;
  • optimal material solution with competitive costs and value creation.

The Innovene™ PP process combines horizontal, agitated plug flow gas phase reactor with proprietary INcat catalyst. Ineos offers best in class Impact Copolymers and Terpolymers.


  • targeted cristallinity, enhanced toughness and improved processability;
  • organoleptic capability and high reliability of extended product range;
  • flexible solution and easy of operations.