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HDPE Pipe & Fittigs  - Aurora Bulgaria

HDPE Pipe & Fittings

PE100 – RC (Resistant to Crack): ELTEX® Superstress® PE100 compound - a new generation of HDPE with exceptional resistance to slow crack growth based on leading technology with bimodal process catalyst. An exclusive polymer molecular design is tailor-made that consists of an optimal balance between polymer chains entanglement and crystallinity.

  • Very good processability (ideal for thin layer coextrusion);
  • Excellent low sag (LS) performance;
  • Broad range of all diameters;
  • Faster, cost-value and safety installation;
  • Perfect choice for modern installation techniques ("sandless" and/or "no dig");
  • Outstanding durability.

The users can enjoy continued performance control and unprecedented ESCR for most demanding applications. Slow Crack Growth resistance is certified above 8760 h according to FNCT, 80°C, 4MPa per batch produced. ELTEX® Superstress® adheres to German PAS 1075 (Public Available Specification) where the bedding consists of the re-use of the material dug as backfill.

PE100: ELTEX® PE100 IM - a new butane based PE 100 designed for pressure fittings.

  • Lower cycle time;
  • Lower internal stress;
  • Less warpage;
  • Improved surface;
  • Easy processing.

Polyethylene for hot & cold water

PE – Xb (Silane Cross-linked): ELTEX® best in the class resin for silane PE-Xb compounds using two-step process or for the manufacture of PEX pipes using a simple-step.

PE-RT: ELTEX® PE-RT - a novel class of polyethylene of raised temperature resistance. An unique combination of properties offers the right choice for Hot & Cold applications: underfloor heating, plumbing, radiator connections, industrial applications.

  • The best in class flexibility;
  • Excellent processability;
  • Production of smooth and glossy pipes without need of costly processing aids.